We are living in the Internet age, most of our business is generated from a website. If you are small business owners, you want give a good impression to your customers. One of the keys to doing this is through a well-designed website for our customers..

Web design is constantly changing and as a small business you need to move with the times. Today I’d like to share some ideas with you some of the latest design trends across the web.

Simple, clean, colorful and modern. I personally want to recommend flat designs because  it is very Simple, clean, colorful and modern .However, if you’re planning to use a flat design for your website you need to be careful. Because of the simplicity of the websites, flat designs can quickly appear to be copycats of each other.  Check out the examples below to see what I mean:

http://playgroundinc.com/ – simple and clean



http://www.triplagent.com/ – Beautiful, clean and modern design




https://yourkarma.com/ – The video is great, the product description and showcase are very clear.


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