Turns more of your website visitors into customers.

Website conversion software for generating more leads and sales

The all-in-one website conversion app 

Easy Biz App makes your website more dynamic, relevant and
conversion-focussed.  Here's how...
Instantly grab your visitors' attention with full screen calls-to-action that show the moment they land on your page. 
Convert visitors already on your site by responding to your visitors' on-site behaviour with automated messaging.
Create goal-focussed marketing pages in minutes. Promote special offers, capture more email leads, register webinar attendees, and more...

What can Easy Biz App do for
your website? 

Easy Biz App  is a complete website conversion tool that will provide your site with everything it needs to succeed.

Grow your subscriber list

Collect more leads through your website with a prominent email sign-up form and a clear call-to-action. 
Instantly feed your leads into your mailing lists.  Wishloop is integrated with all major autoresponders.
  • Smart triggers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Real-time statistics

Increase sales and revenue

Show notifications that can’t be missed and let your visitors know about new product launches, features and updates.
Add a clear call-to-action to drive traffic to specific pages of your website and increase sign-ups, downloads orches, features and updates.
  • Target new or returning customers
  • Advanced targeting based on page views or referral source
  • Simple drag-and-drop customisation

Lower your bounce rate

Advanced site personalisation to keep visitors engaged and on your site for longer.

Wishloop allows you to personalise your site with inetractve messaging based on user behaviour.  This results in higher levels of engagement, lower bounce rate and more leads and sales  

  • Reframe your offers with an exit popup to save bounces
  • Dynamically alter above-the-fold-content based on visitor referral source
  • Smart split testing to rapidly optimise your message

Special offers & promotions

Highlight key product promotions, limited time sales, reward regular visitors or surprise new ones.

Wishloop gives you full control to run offers to different user groups. You won't find a more powerful suite to optimise your website for maximum conversions 

  • Easy setup of offer pages, popups and conversion mats
  • Limited time offers.
  • Attention-grabbing alerts

Improve social engagement

Encourage your users to share your products on social media to increase traffic and brand awareness.
Your customers speaking about you on social media is free advertising. Wishloop helps you let them spread the word around.
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Generate more traffic 

Get more out of the activities you already do online.  Wishloop's Speedleads lets you rapidly leverage curated content in an ethical way
Wishloop's Speedleads bookmarklet is a groundbreaking way to get more traffic to your site or increase leads and sales by attaching a Wishloop campaign to every link you share online.
  • Simple to use browser bookmarklet
  • Focus on speeed an ease of use
  • Works with any browser

Create beautiful designs with drag-and-drop ease 

Choose from 150 stunning, mobile-friendly templates.

Customise your designs in minutes with over 30 different drag and drop elements.

Easy Biz App segments your audience

 based on browsing behaviour. 

So you can target each visitor with the right message, at exactly the right time.

Smarter Interactions 

Engage customers based on their actions. Time your delivery to perfection by choosing exactly what behaviour someone should exhibit before they see your message.

Audience Segmentation

Instantly segment and target audiences (returning visitors / first time visitors / particular referring sources) with different, optimised marketing messages.

And yes, Easy Biz App works on any 


Just add one line of code to your site. And then you can create as many campaigns on your website as you like with our intuitive drag-drop builder.

No-tech experience needed.

Optimize your campaigns for maximum



Track your results in real time

The stats you need to know, in real-time. No more wading through useless data to see how your campaigns are performing.


Scale Your Success with Ease    

Seamless Split Testing
Duplicate and continually improve your winning campaigns with a single click.
Manage your campaigns 

Manage all your marketing campaigns across multiple domains from 1 central location

Advanced Features

Multimedia integration 

Choose from over 5000 icons, vectors & images in our free graphics library. Or drag & drop your own images. Embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

Selling integrations 

Sell your products direct from your overlays with our 1-click selling integrations - whether it's with Paypal, Amazon, TeeSpring or Shopify.

Dynamic & interactive elements 

Add countdown timers, polls, social media buttons and other interactive elements to your campaigns.

Multi-step campaigns 

Easily boost conversion rates and segment your audience with our powerful and intelligent multi-step campaigns. 

Works with the tools you already know and love  

Easy Biz App works alongside ALL website & e-commerce platforms..
Generate more leads and sales on every device
You can even create and design campaigns specifically for mobile users.
Easy Biz App is the all-in-one website conversion software for generating more leads and sales.
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