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A call to action is a clickable button that when clicked, perform an action (e.g. “Buy now!”) or lead to a web page with additional information that asks the user to take action.

A web page may have multiple calls for action. To indicate the relative importance of a call to action with respect to other actions, you can vary their sizes. Usually. a call to action button is roughly 20% larger (in width) than the logo. Even though the logo is placed higher on the web page.

Putting a call to action button on a distinguished area is one way of making it stand out in a web layout. The placement of call to action buttons on a web page is critical to drawing the eyes of visitors such as the top section of a web page or in the middle of a web layout. By putting the call to action in a very prominent area, it is more likely that the user will notice it or remember it later, after they have looked at the site’s content.


Deciding what colors to use for call to action buttons is very important. Use colors in your call to action buttons that have a high contrast relative to surrounding elements and the background because it is critical to ensure that the user notices your call to action.



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