Viral Traffic – Funny Videoes and Images.

We all see viral content every day, but we generally don’t realize how it is literally everywhere. From our Facebook feeds to blogs we read, the content is there sucking in our clicks and Likes and Shares.  And viral success stories are all over the web. Massive investment money, huge profitability, and traffic so nuts it melts servers. Take a look at the video below that shows  you can build a viral site in couple of minutes. And of course imagine what it’d be like to build your own viral empire!


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Tips for web designs for small business(6) – Grid or Boxes

Grid or box based design, which we can also say is a portfolio or Pinterest kind of design, isn’t a new trend, but is still hot stuff in 2015. There are plenty of websites that are using this design to great success. This design works bst with tidy boxes and a clean background. Of course a crucial part of using this design is making sure that the website is easy to navigate. – It is super clear, not confusing and very easy to navigate.

boxes-jonathanpatterson – The design showcases beautiful pictures and gives the user a great experience.


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